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Earthy 90 Day Growth Challenge

As winter approaches, the harsh conditions make our hair more vulnerable to breakage and damage. In winter, hair loses a lot of moisture due to the drop in temperature outside, as well as the heaters we use inside our homes. This is why it’s important that during the colder months, you protect the hair by utilizing protective styles like box braids, twists, faux locs, buns, wigs and so on.   

The #Earthy90daygrowthchallenge starts on the 1st of May and is all about shielding the hair, especially the ends, against over-manipulation, chemical and environmental damage. The ends are usually the most fragile because they endure the most mechanical action, such as combing, brushing, blow-drying and heat-styling.
Here's how to get started on the #Earthy90daygrowthchallenge:
1. Do a length check 
The challenge is aimed at maximizing growth during winter, hence it’s recommended that you do a length check before the challenge so that you're able to compare hair growth after the 90 days. 
When conducting a length check, it’s advisable to have four consistent points of reference, for example the front, both sides and the back.
2. Choose a protective style
When choosing a style, the thicker the better. Remember, braids that are too thin and too tight strain the hairline, weakening the hair follicles and resulting in breakage. Don’t allow your stylist to pull too tightly when installing braids, this should be non-negotiable. 
The aim is to keep the hair flexible and protect it from the harsh winter weather. When the hair is in a protective style, it prevents it from the breakage, shredding and manipulation it would otherwise encounter if it had been worn loose.
Tip: Before installing your protective style, do a deep conditioning or hot oil treatment to ensure that the hair and scalp are in the best possible condition so that it can handle the styling process. 
3.Use the Earthy Healthy Hair Combo, (R350) during the 90 days
In the first two weeks of the challenge, the focus is the scalp as it has endured strain during the styling process. You therefore need to mist the scalp daily with the Earthy healthy hair mist, then seal the moisture by massaging the healthy hair oil on the scalp. In the second week of the challenge, you can start using the Earthy Healthy Hair Butter. Its advisable that you night to give it time to melt into the hair. Because the butter is 100% natural and hasn’t been diluted, it gets even thicker in the cold temperature.
4. Avoid updo’s or tight styles in the first two weeks, tight or thin styles cause a receding hairline
Undo's and tight styles in the first two weeks will result in scalp issues, which lead to itching and hairline problems. The scalp is still sensitive at this stage. Don’t tie the hair in an updo, whether low or high. Rather do a side- swept style using pins to hold the hair in place.
5. Retouch your style between 6 and 8 weeks 
After a month, you can retouch the first two or three rows of your style to keep it looking fresh or you can start planning for your next protective style. Remember, ther's no need to letr your hair "breathe" during this time, ther'll be plenty of that during the rest of the year.
6. Be patient with your growth - follw your regimen and you'll see results!