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How to care for your dreadlocks

1. Which products are the best for taking care of dreadlocks?


The same hair products that you would use to take care of your afro hair work just as well for dreadlocks. The Healthy Hair Combo (R350) , which includes the Moisture Mist (R75) , Healthy Hair Oil (R170) and Healthy Hair Butter (R150) is the perfect combo to ensure your dreadlocks are healthy and strong. All three products contain natural ingredients and are light on the locs so they don’t form a residue.
2. How do you take care of dreadlocks at home?
Make sure you sleep with a satin scarf on or use a satin pillowcase every night. Cotton literally sucks up all that much needed moisture from your hair and is very abrasive. Satin fabric allows for you to glide smoothly along your pillow without causing friction, which leads to damage and breakage.
Develop a consistent moisture routine. Use the Earthy Healthy Hair Combo to keep your hair moisturised - dry hair leads to breakage. 
Condition-wash (co-wash) your locs once a week as this will keep your hair healthy and clean. Also try to avoid over-twisting your locs as this might cause your hair to thin, which may ultimately result in a receded hairline.
3. How often should a treatment be done?
You can do treatment once a week at home or at your salon by doing an Earthy hot oil treatment.  
Alternatively  you can also do a deep conditioning treatment using the Earthy Healthy Hair Conditioner (R150). Apply the conditioner to wet hair and allow to sit for 30 minutes under a plastic cap /heat cap before rinsing the conditioner out. Proceed by applying moisture accordinly. 
4. How do you prevent your dreadlocks from thinning in the middle? And if they already have, what can you use to repair the damage?
The best way to prevent this from happening is by always twisting in the same direction, every single time you twist your locs. This will give your locs a uniform look. However, the beauty of locs is that no two locs look the same, so sometimes having those thinned out parts adds to the character of your locs.
Avoid twisting your locs too tightly - this causes unnecessary pressure on your scalp and it can cause hair loss. Be gentle with your locs - don't pull and tug, especially when twisting. Also, apply moisture consistently; our hair cannot thrive if it's dry. 
5. What common mistakes do people make when it comes to taking care of their hair?
The biggest and most common mistake is comparing your dreadlocks to someone else’s instead of embracing your own. 
Our hair differs in thickness, curl, pattern and porosity, therefore it may not react the same way to that of the next person. The focus should also be on having healthy hair versus striving for length. Your hair is a reflection of your individuality and personality and as such it should be embraced.