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Reasons your child is losing hair

Here are some reasons why your little one may be losing hair:

•You’re not moisturising daily

Remember, natural, kinky and curly hair thrives on moisture. It’s important to keep your daughter/son's scalp and hair nourished to prevent excessive shedding.


Use the Earthy Healthy Hair Mist to hydrate and detangle the hair, the Earthy Healthy Hair Oil to seal in the moisture, and the Earthy Healthy Hair Butter to lock the moisture in to ensure it doesn’t escape the hair shaft.



You haven’t established a routine 

It might be hard and take a while to establish a routine that works for your little one’s hair, especially because your hair texture may not be the same as theirs. It’s important to factor in all your activities and the free time you have available each day before deciding on a routine.



A simple hair routine to follow: 

1. Shampoo monthly and Co wash + deep condition hair weekly, preferably on weekends when you have more time

2. Detangle their hair at least once a week - knotted hair does not absorb moisture easily and mattes quickly. 

3. Moisturise the scalp every second day with the Earthy Healthy Hair Oil. If the hair is left out in an Afro, use the Earthy Healthy Hair butter with the Earthy Healthy Hair Mist when plaiting hair before going to bed.

4. Be sure that your littlelittle one uses a satin scarf/ satin pillowcase when they sleep to avoid breakage. 


You’re using the wrong comb 

Though it isn’t advisable to use a comb on natural hair, using one that’s too small is even worse and may cause breakage and shedding. Always use a wide-toothed comb or even your fingers to detangle hair. 


The protective styles are too tight 

Parents, please take cues from their little ones. If they say it’s too tight, then it hurts – there’s no two ways about it. Your little ome’s scalp is far more sensitive than yours and pulling too tightly can result in hair loss and in severe cases, traction alopecia.


Braids and twists are convenient and age-appropriate styles for children, but if getting them done is too painful for your daughter, opt for cute cornrows.