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Trimming your hair

The oldest part of the hair strand is at the end. This means the ends are dead, fragile and weak which is why you need to regularly remove them. Though we understand it's great to have long hair, we caution against holding onto the length even if the hair is unhealthy. Even if you were to avoid trimming, when the hair is combed, the dead part comes off anyway - and we all know how painful it is to have a comb full of hair. 
The other danger in not trimming the ends is that they damage the rest of the strand. If you were to regularly trim, you’d create 'space' for healthy, strong hair to grow because you’ve removed the unhealthy ends.
Unfortunately ladies, once you have split ends, trimming is your only option. Although there are some products that temporarily bind the ends, there isn’t a permanent solution. Once the ends are split they need to be cut off to prevent further damage.
How often you should trim is a personal choice; some people trim every three or six months and others trim based on how damaged the hair is. The two options you have when dealing with damaged ends is trimming and dusting.
Dusting is when you remove small parts of the ends to prevent split ends. Trimming on the other hand is when you do a length test, then trim the dead ends to make sure the hair is even.”
We recommend dusting every two months and trimming every six months at the least (trim the hair while it’s stretched, whether through a braid-out or African threading). Trimming the hair while it’s wet isn't ideal as it gives a false indication of the actual length of the hair due to shrinkage.
The “search and destroy” method is also a great way to maintain healthy hair. This involves eliminating unhealthy ends when and as you see them.
You can opt to do this yourself (using a mirror so that you can see the back of your head) or get a trusted person to help you.