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Get the perfect twist-out/curly look in 4 easy steps

There are plenty of natural hairstyles you can try to keep your hair looking great, but achieving the perfect twist out is at the top of our list of preferred styles. It’s easy to achieve, easy to maintain and stretches the hair up to 75% of t’s original length - without using heat. Get the look in four simple steps


Step 1: Wash the hair 
It’s always best to start with a clean scalp and hair. Also, the perfect twist out is achieved when the hair is wet. After cleansing the hair with the Earthy Shampoo Bar, follow with conditioner. A conditioner is an integral part of any hair care regimen because it moisturises, softens, and strengthens the hair, thus reducing breakage during styling. Make sure that your conditioner is a hydrating one with lots of slip 
(slip allows your hair tool/fingers to glide along the hair shaft with minimum friction).
Step 2: Seal the moisture in by applying an oil to wet hair
After washing the hair, apply the Earthy Healthy Hair Oil on damp hair to lock the moisture.
Step 3: apply the Earthy Healthy Hair Butter and do two or three strand twists
The perfect twist out thrives on moisture and good hold. Applying the Healthy Hair Butter is the most important step because it’s what ensures your get defined bouncy and soft curls.
Apply the butter as you section the hair for each two or three strand twist. This way you’re able to ensure that the product is evenly distributed and also you’re guaranteed the perfect curl throughout.
If the hair gets dry, spritz it with the Earthy moisture mist before applying the Healthy Hair Butter again. 
Step 4: Allow to dry completely, untwist then style as desired 
Don’t undo your twists until they have completely dried. If you’re keeping them overnight, make sure you sleep with a satin scarf to ensure that the moisture does not escape. Once they’ve dried, untwist then finger coil the hair.
Finish off by using a wide-toothed comb to gently lift the roots. Don’t comb the entire length of the hair – focus on the roots just to remove the lines and add some volume.