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EARTHY MEN: Beard Hydrate

EARTHY MEN: Beard Hydrate

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Our beard hydrate is made with carefully selected ingredients to keep your beard flake free, soft and manageable while keeping the skin underneath it moisturised, protected and toned. FOR BEARDS AND BEARD AREA IF SHAVED. 


A Rich and non greasy hydrating spray to moisturise, soften and cool down your beard and skin.

SCENT: A masculine yet fresh & cool scent, the refreshing notes are light enough to not disturb your regular fragrance.

DIRECTIONS: spray all over your beard and skin then proceed to style as normal. The Beard Hydrate is also great first thing in the morning to get rid of bed curl (curled,flat or knotted beard from sleeping) and can also be used to cool down the rest of your face..

The hydrate can be used individually or combined with the beard oil and beard wax to suit your unique beard. The kit can also be used for post and pre-shaving, fight acne and keep the beard area toned. 

 Remember: All our products are made from a combination of natural and organic ingredients. The beard kit is 100% Vegan.

Natural product: Scent, texture and colour will vary from time to time.