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EARTHY MEN: Beard wax

EARTHY MEN: Beard wax

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Our beard wax is made with carefully selected ingredients to keep your beard sculpted, styled, soft and manageable while keeping the skin underneath it moisturised and protected. FOR BEARDS AND BEARD AREA IF SHAVED.

BEARD Wax 50ml 

Scupt, style, tame and nourish (with beeswax, coconut oil, cool mint, grape seed, Argan oil and many more vitamin rich oils)  

SCENT: A subtle cooling blend of herbal and spicy notes with touch of cooling mint, the scent will blend well with any fragrance without overpowering it.

DIRECTIONS: simply rub fingers over the top of the balm and then spread over beard area. 

The wax can be used individually or combined to suit your unique beard needs. The beard wax can also be used for post and pre-shaving.

 Remember: All our products are made from a combination of natural and organic ingredients. The beard wax is 100% Vegetarian & 90%vegan

Natural product: Scent, texture and colour will vary from time to time.